For an overview of ESSCA's approach to working with developers, read this article by Karen Roper, the Chair of Planning, Zoning & Public Works Committee.

Updated August 15, 2016

Click here for the presentation regarding Progress Place at the September 2014 ESSCA Meeting.

Baptist Church Site at the corner of Fenton St. & Wayne Avenue: Demoliton has been completed and the ground breaking celebrated. Construction has begun and is expected to take two years. This project will include a new church, below grade parking, 220 rental apartments and retail.

Library Senior Housing: Located adjacent to the new Library and facing Bonifant Street, is complete. The ribbon cutting took place July 13, 2016. The building was already about 50% occupied with plenty of applicants still being vetted for the remaining vacancies In this 8 story 149 rental unit building.

900 Thayer Avenue: HOC, a private non-profit purchased this property. They are keeping the plans of the previous developer, except for changes necessary to meet some of the new codes. The building will be five (5) stories with 5,000 sq. feet of retail on the first floor. There will be 124 units and 96 of these will be reserved for residents making 60% or less of the median area income - currently $109,000. Twenty-eight units will be market rate. HOC is expected to file their plans in early Fall 2016 and will have the mandatory public meeting after they file.

Silver Spring Park:Located on the southeast Corner of Fenton St. and Silver Spring Ave., this will be a mixed use project comprised of rental apartments and a hotel: We learned recently that the developer, Dr. Glee, is still looking for a joint venture partner to provide additional capital for the project.

819 Silver Spring Avenue:This property on the north side of Silver Spring Avenue behind the retail block fronting Fenton and adjacent to a 1960's era 5 story office building is currently occupied by a detached residential building and rear parking lot and was used an office. The project was approved by the Planning Board and is working through the permit process.

Former Sligo Avenue Police Station: The Police Station was closed and relocated to a new facility in White Oak in May. The community will continue to be served by the new station as well as a substation in the Fire Station on Georgia Avenue. The County chose Artspace as the developer for this site. The old police building will be converted to approximately 30 art studios and will include galley and retail space. The project will also include 60 or so affordable live/work units for artist and market rate townhouses. The Artspace project was approved by the Planning Board on July 21, 2016. Over the next 8-12 months, Artspace will be working through the permit and financial process and expects to start construction in the Summer of 2017.

Studio Plaza: While the project has its planning approvals, there is no new word on the its starting. We understand the developer is currently looking for joint venture partners to provide capital for the project. It will occupy the County-owned Parking Lot #3 in the middle of the block bounded by Fenton, Georgia, Thayer and Silver Spring. The 11 story building will have 415 rental apartments and retail facing Thayer Avenue..

Gateway Park Art Replacement Update
The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, announces the selection of sculptor Michel Enn Sirvet for the design and creation of a public art work entitled Red Orchard Wall. This art work will be placed in the public landscape near the intersection of Philadelphia Avenue and Fenton Street, in the Fenton Street Urban Park. Red Orchard Wall is expected to be installed in summer of 2015.

Mr. Sirvet's winning design concept (below) is a contemporary, curving-wall sculpture with dimensions of approximately ten feet in height and twelve feet in length. The sculpture will be a bold red hue, referencing the history of the site as a former apple orchard, and will be perforated with thousands of holes of varying size, allowing light to travel through the work. A panel comprised of members of the Public ArtTrust committee, the Montgomery County Department of Parks, and the local community felt that Sirvet's proposal, with its references to the history of the land, and the interactive aspect of the work to the landscape, environment, and viewers, best met the goals of the project.

A Rendering of "Red Orchard Wall", designed by sculptor Michael Enn Sirvet